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Do people still play warhammer online? (serious post)

joeri123joeri123 Member UncommonPosts: 247

Hey all

Like the title says:  Do people still play warhammer online?


I'm thinking to pick up this game again. WoW bores me to death lately.


Any major changes happened ? Last time I played was few months away from launch when the servers were dead empty.


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    unlimited free trial is well free!

    give it a wirl

    make sure to install the game in the 64 bit file (microsoft game)

    if you have a 64 bit system and os(tank me later)

    by the way make sure when you download the game dont !!

    find the stream version on their site

    its a 1 gig file !once that is done you ll be able to play right away and it will continue streaming the files as needed and all

    this tech is truelly nice .espacially for company that dont know what compressing file is

    or those that use mp3 but would be way better served with H264(mp4)

  • tmann50tmann50 Member UncommonPosts: 70

    I recently returned to the game and I'm having a ball! Yeah, try the trial but don't be surprised if ya return fully like I did...the game is a lot of fun!

  • IceiceIceice Member Posts: 54

    Try Fallen Earth also, free trial going on, worth a shot, great game

    Pimpwars/Cripplesmash/Legend of the Red Dragon/TradeWars 2002/TrollMud/Usurper

    Present: Wurm , Fallen Earth

  • joeri123joeri123 Member UncommonPosts: 247

    Would I still be able to play when I install it with my original CD and download patches ?

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