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Lead and Gold- Steam Game

GrubbsGradyGrubbsGrady Member UncommonPosts: 371

Hey all, a new game just came out on steam called Lead and Gold. I am pretty sure an indie company made it, but its a really great buy. Loads of fun with awesome maps and cool characters.

There isn't much advertising for it, so I figured I would post it here and hope to make a few friends to possibly play with as a group from time to time. Look it up on steam for all the details on it, and they have a website where you can read up on the classes/gametypes and watch some videos for the game.

It only costs $15.00, but I don't know if they is a discount/introductory price or what since steam is always having sales. Anyhow, if anyone checks into it and thinks they would enjoy a shooter taking place in the wild west...leave me a msg here so we can play sometime!

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