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A great game in my opinion, but...

ylanoisylanois Member UncommonPosts: 10

The only things that bug me is how the females on the "good" side run with their feet IN the ground. When they're standing they're fine, but it's like when they start walking, they start sinking in the ground. No matter where you are.  The human females of the other faction are fine. I really hope they fix this. The only other issue i have is the occasional lag, you hit an opponent but they don't lose health right away. Takes a second or so. All in all, a fun game. To those who wanna try it, there's nothing to lose. The client and update download is pretty fast.


  • MrSebMrSeb Member Posts: 71

    About the lagg- Make sure you didn't install the NA-version if youre from EU etc

  • golightgolight Member Posts: 104

    I'm on a EU server and there regulary a lot of lag, unfortunately it sometimes means you die.. your health can often be a lot lower than you think. Hopefully they will sort out the lag soon, it was worse a couple of weeks ago so improved somewhat.

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