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The worth of this game...

greymanngreymann Member Posts: 757

I tried it and thought it was initially fun and suprisingly polished like wow.  That day I'd almost subbed up to wow because it has been about 6 months, I was bored and had an mmo itch to scratch.  This game saved me $15.  I tried it for a day and got bored of it which is what I would have done anyway with wow.  Thanks allods, although I'll probably never see you again. 

The game's tagline should be "scratch the wow itch to without having to pay for it"


  • carvaggio1carvaggio1 Member Posts: 1

    I didn't really like WoW so take this with a grain of salt, but I tried to play this game and just couldn't stand it. I couldn't stand it to the point where if I was paid $100 a week I just couldn't do it. To those who like it more power to ya, but I just don't see the appeal to anyone over the age of about 13.

    I blocked the constant stream of gold selling spam shortly after I logged-in, so it didn't really affect my gameplay, but it doesn't make a good first impression. I guess that's just the nature of any MMORPG these days, unfortunately. My brother is still playing this game after almost a week and to be honest, I'm thinking about scheduling him for a routine check-up or mental evaluation. Maybe he was adopted because we can't have a larger difference of opinion when it comes to this game. It's not that he likes it so much; it's more that I think it's the worst seemingly popular game I've ever seen.

    Graphical MMORPGs have been around about 15 years give or take? MUDs even longer than that...and this is progress? It's free, and I'm not knocking it just for the sake of bashing; it's just not my game. I've just seen more positive reviews than I can believe and I was afraid the earth was going to stop and start spinning around the opposite direction if I didn't even it out a little with a contrasting opinion.

  • KrygonKrygon Member Posts: 24

    Both of you summed it up pretty good. It sucks. The reason you see so many good reviews is because its the same people doing it. Even on their forum there is only a handfull of people that say anything good about it.

    They just keep talking about how its in open beta and 'one day its going to be really good' ...If you mention patch's or cash shop your thread is immediately removed. Very strange when you cant ask about what the plans are for future patch's.

    The game is very boring, go kill ten wolves crap. Very expensive to play to because at later lvl the cash shop is a must and things are very overpriced.

  • bewblessbewbless Member Posts: 15

    This game would be very good if not one thing.

    Aside of very expensive Cash Shop on endgame lvl and few other minor issues with quite boring quest lines, the biggest issue of this game is the fact that it almost doesn't have endgame content at this point.

    I hurry to explain.


    Allods in idea is an Endgame game, when the first month you spend on getting to final lvl (if you aren't a casual player you can pretty much crack final lvl in less then two weeks), but once you do, you bump into a wall.

    Your ship is building a month - assuming you are doing all the quests to hurry it up.

    Your gear is too crap to effectively run Heroic Dungeons with better gear.

    You find yourself in need to spend money to have PvP which actually doesn't exist either, because it's either huge group of people from one side against small group of people from other side, or no PvP at all. Because of Fear of Death if you are planning to participate in PvP of that sort, you need to buy Incense (aka Perfume) to remove the Fear of Death effect upon your death.

    After two months of playing this game, I have 2 lv40 Characters and I'm bored to death.

    At the moment only things left for me are either: Farming gold or... farming gold.

    Ship battles don't exist because of huge costs of repairing destroyed ship. PvP doesn't exists because of huge cost of getting rid of FoD. PvE exists but come on how long can you kill same mobs over and over and over and over again. Goblin ball isn't half as insteresting as it should be and I haven't seen anyone playing it, because aside of playing it, it doesn't change anything in your "in game life". No special rewards are gained with Goblin Ball.


    Game would be great if it was half finished.

    So far Gala-Net is holding off russian patches, because of many people being unhappy with what they bring, thanks to that game after 2 months has not added a single new feature. If that continues, game will die.

  • sumujisumuji Member Posts: 54

    I played to lvl 10 this weekend after reading reviews about how this game has raised the bar. I couldn't help feeling I was playing a game that came out in 2003 and I'm not even joking.  The graphics are bland and the animations are horrid. Sound about on par with everything else. Completely amateur quality across the board..


    I will say it had a little more depth than your typical f2p Asian cash-grab, fabricated crap but saying it's on par with p2p mainstream quality is pretty asinine to say the least. Stick with Guild Wars or DDO if you can't pay a monthly fee because everything else is low quality garbage. Ironically they probably make more money per subscriber but why they can't make a good game with a item shop so far is beyond me.


  • KarmakaziKarmakazi Member Posts: 165

    I got my fill of this game during the beta. I played it about 20 hours or so, trying to give it atleast a chance, and I just couldn't get into it. Everything about it is just tedious. . it's simply a quest grind. I stopped at about level 14 or so and by that time I had already done about 200 quests it seemed (more like 100+). I'm all for quests, but not huge time sinks that are the quests in this game.

    So, you're doing all these quests. .getting rewards from quests, drops from monsters you're fighting and you're having to run to sell stuff off to NPC's because you're constantly running out of bagspace. They have way too many items in this game to gimp players right off the bat with such low inventory space. Perhaps not all people mind this, but it's a huge pet peeve of mine in MMORPG games. Needless to say it's a huge turnoff. Sure, I could buy space from the item mall but feeling like I'm forced to buy it makes me just not want to buy it. I shouldn't feel at level 10 that bagspace is a huge problem. I could see toward end-game if bagspace got to be a problem, sure I'll buy some. At such a low level though? No thanks. I fully understand games like this need an income, but going about it in a way where you're making your players feel like they're forced is not the way (several items in the cash shop from what I hear are geared this way as well).

    I didn't find the combat all that appealing either. As I only made it to about level 14 (not sure how long it took other people but this took me about 15 hours to get to, all quests done), I only experienced the combat up until this point. Maybe the combat gets better later on, but it was complete garbage up to that point. I had a mage that it would take what seemed like 50 casts to kill a single monster. I never felt engaged in combat I just felt like I was mashing buttons, which is never good. I tried a few other classes and none of them really grew on me. 

    Time will tell how well this does but as with any game it'll have it's die hard following that will defend it to it's dying days.  Let's hope for those people sake that there's enough of them to keep this game up and going. I didn't enjoy it but it is a very polished game, It's just not for me in any sense.

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