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If I ran MMORPG....

There would have been a link on the main page offering immediate beta access to SW:TOR.  And the link would have taken you to a page that loaded 95%, then failed just before the 'Submit" button.



Who am I?
@Lorechaser on CoH
Badjuju, Splinterhoof, Plainsrunner on WoW (Moonrunner)
Shyy'rissk on SWG (Flurry)
ClockworkSoldier, HE Pierce, Letnev on Planetside
Gyshe, Crucible, Terrakal on DDO
And many more.


  • SerpentarSerpentar Member Posts: 246

    *pushes you into the maw of a Sarlacc* Or however you spell those guys' names. But really I wonder how many would ragequit over that heh.

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