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Myth war 2 The Truth

Vladan899Vladan899 Member Posts: 1

This is Quote from guy "justbegin"

"Myth War, the first online game developed based on the ATB combat system, gives its players a fantastic and truly breath-taking game playing experience. The game features summoning and shapeshifting, destructive weapons and deity beasts, as well as a rumor and rebirth system, all of which lead players into a world filled with magic and wonders. Unlike other online games, Myth War has a unique weather system, making players feel like they are living and breathing in the game-world.

Centered around a war between Gods, the player enters at a pivotal point in history where chaos reigns and history hangs in the balance. Graphics and scenery is unsurpassingly beautiful and the cold and deadly atmosphere will tingle your spine. Can you triumph against all odds and finally conquer this harsh world?


The Rarus Continent mirrors the real world, and players can find delicately designed towns and cities just as in the real world. Light and shadows coexists. Well-known creatures from the real world can be found everywhere.

The Sky Garden in Woodlingor is as beautiful as the name suggests, artfully crafted by the gods. The pale moonlight directly shines upon this blessed land through the clouds, and the starry night sky and snowy ground make the Sky Garden unconventionally graceful. In the day time, the tall trees touch the sky and mingle with clouds. Players, whether it is to duel in peace or exchange sweet words with their lovers, can find their peace in this special location.


Start playing today to find all that this magical world has to offer – the world is yours!"

This is truth about system and stuff.


If you are going to play this game (or download)...please don't cuss i will give you ture 12 facts why to don't play it!


1st Fact : Low chance that you will ever get a Dienty Saint (those are best pets)


2nd Fact : 100% of players use multy accouts on same time witch if you are going to play with 1 one will need you..there (that is what i know when i did left it)


3th Fact : leveling form 1 to 2-144 is more like spamming same thing over and over again i'll explain ( 2-144 is 2nd reborn 144 level)

Well when you reach level  21 level  you will eather found some party for fighting on maps or doing again same with party  quest  til you reach lvl 50.

After reaching level 50 you will be forced to spam some wood defense to reach 61 and after you reach 61 there is same thing called  blye defense to reach  level 71.

Ok you did reach 71 but here is more like trublesome casue you need to spam diffrent thing called Seal.

In this seal you need to be higest level ( or somebody else) to walk around map using Devil Tiers.

(Devil Tiers are in Mall you can get from IGG 60 of them when you reach certen level) 

When you reach 91 this where it get's need to do Papa Drow  ( that's how it called in mw2)or deficit (deficit is quest)  to reach 104 or 100 to reborn

When you did reborn you will be 1-50 witch you will be forced to do wood def, blue def etc to again 1-115 and same thing from 2-50 to 2-144.


4th Fact : You can gain Gold (money that exist in this game) in 3 ways

1st : Killing monster around map will give you around 15 to 700 depends on monsters level and where you fight


2nd : Doing Duan (Quest for recommended 25+) in this "quest" you can earn from 10K to 1.2 mill ( 1.2mill if you do 100 rounds) also you MIGHT get   1 or 2 or even something else beside

Big Dragon Stone who is  worth 650K that was guranted in this quest


3th : And most famous is Survival

This one you have to Survive from 1 round (easyest  get 1K ) to round 10 (125K ) there is higher price if you are 1st reborn and highest for 2nd

non-reborn can fight to round 10

1st reborn can fight to round 20

2nd can fight to round 30 ( higest Price this one nobody actualy  won  as i know) 



5th Fact  : Gems that you will encounter in game ( i am thinking about high level ones) you need to be in BEST quid tto have then ...if you are not prepare to pay 450K to 1.2mill gold for each gem.

Mining them is more Time wasting casue you will go in mine mine 1 gem each 1 mins and get in 1 bag 60 gems each would be 3 -4  ...if you wanna mine 1 specific one ...that's mine is more like for you would be pain in butt.

Theres 9 types of gems


6th Fact : All stuff you will ecounter that player is selling are WAY expencive !


7th Fact : Events are buged ( usualy ) and  usualy and most common are for mall Buyers!


8th Fact : Classes are unballanced bettwene each  other .


 9th Fact  : All classe are looking same ( same for 1st and 2nd reborns) you would probably thing in this game all players are  CLONED  from each other ...ofcourse this game is 2D so don't be needy XD :)


10th Fact  : DO not expect that they would ever give game new stuff or new map....casue i did play form launched game and 1 year later we did yell on from to give us something new ...we did get only buged events , :((


11th Fact : When you reborn you get stats points( this is needed to re-rase skill from 1 to max)  and new  natural  resistance  but you don't get refund of money wasted :(


12th Fact : For al l Skills you need to speend at least 300 mill to max them all ( this is from non reborn to 2 reborn)


Thanks for reading ^_^ and best wishes!

Stupidity is powerful thing!

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