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Anything *FUN* ??

pyrocrazypyrocrazy Member Posts: 65

Seriously I've almost given up on MMO's. 7 Souls was going to be my last hope but yea that game apparently crashed and burned a while ago for NA.


Uhh requirements for game.

Must have PvP-pvp based or not, idc. as long as its got some active pvp system.

Good community

Not boring to play- I am perfectly fine with grinding for hours if the game can keep me entertained while doing it (usually also mixes in with community, and how fun they are to talk to while grinding)

Decent Graphics. I prefer to say I dont care about graphics cuz I honestly dont mind them "bad" or "good". As long as they look like Knight Online (yea looks like its from the 90's) or better thats fine for me.


pretty much it, uhhh tried aika...might stick with that but I haven't found a guild and im all alone so that isnt fun @[email protected] if I can find a guild I'll probably stick with it.


games ive played. Aion. Aika. Rohan. FFXI (seriously want to go back now). FlyFF (quit after v12 patches). ROSE (might go back and check it out). Kal. Sho Online (pretty fun, decent game. might go back and check it out again). Cabal ( =*( gone forever). Knight Online. RoM. Shaiya. 12sky(so plain and boring) and a lot of others I cant even think of right now...


So if you know any games that can keep my attention and wont bore me to death. seriously I just want to have fun in my spare time @[email protected] PLEASE post below...


p.s. APB looks badass

p.s.s. Camon hero was my 2nd to last hope but it isnt even out yet..

p.s.s.s. checking out NeoSteam cant remember why I didnt try it.-----oh right the graphics scared me away...ill add that to requirements


  • NESonlineNESonline Member Posts: 11

    There are plenty to pick from on Byond, in which you have to install the Byond client.

    I recommend: NEStalgia (though it's kind of grindy...gameplay is kind of fun), Final Fantasy Legacy (based off the SNES FF4), Ultimatum(if you don't mind strategy turn based games...it's based off of Battle for Wesnoth).

    There are others, but you can browse to find out what fits your interests. I hope I helped a bit.


    NEStalgia - An oldschool MMORPG made with Byond Engine

  • pyrocrazypyrocrazy Member Posts: 65

    Ill check em out =P im so bored ill pretty much play anything. Im pissed off at modern warfare 2 atm so im definitely not playing that, waiting on bad company 2 to arrive in the mail as well so i got nothin to do...

  • RocketeerRocketeer Member UncommonPosts: 1,303

    How about Warhammer? Atleast give the unlimited trial a chance. Most hater claimed Tier 1 was the best part of it, well now you can play that part for free forever, sounds like a deal doesnt it? The OPvP can be pretty damn fun in tier 1.

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,159

    Darkfall is the game that I am currently playing and it has given me the biggest rush that one could ever expect from a game. Maybe it is because it is full-loot ffa pvp? Or maybe because it just seems so realistic when your playing for a bit (no floating cartoony things everywhere reminding you that it is a game). Hrmm . . if you did not like Modern warfare 2 than you may not like it as it is similar, but in a huge no-instanced seamless RPG setting.


    The trial is only 1$ and it is the funnest game that I have ever played, but it requires a couple hours at least everytime you play.


    I also recommend guildwars if you want a free game that you do not have to put any grind into and can get immediate PVP with the click of a button. I like guildwars a lot because you can only bring 8 spells into combat and there are hundreds (thousands?) to choose from.


    I am unfamiliar with most of the games that you had mentioned so we may have totally different tastes.


    : P

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