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L4 new mmorpg

niteWhislerniteWhisler Member Posts: 42

ill try to make this as short as possible

heres what im looking for:


F2P mmo - rpg or maybe some kind of shooter with rpg elements

graphic style - 3D realistic

character costumization - very important to me, character apperance and equipment

- if i remember well, Rohan had nice system when it comes to equipment (where u were able to equip 3 different types of armor at certain lvl)

crafting - here im looking for something more then just a drop a stone on armor


mmos i have played so far:

2moons/ Dekaron

Atlantica Online

Cabal Online


Dungeon & Dragons Online

Karos Online - tried this in CB or OB, might try 1 more time

Knight Online

Last Chaos

Perfect World

Requiem - also played while it was in OB, 2 laggish back then, might try 1 more time


Runes Of Magic


Sword Of The New World



and some others, cant remember atm


thank you for any recommendation


p.s: sry for my bad english




  • niteWhislerniteWhisler Member Posts: 42

    damn no suggestions at all >.<

    ill make it even shorter then

    L4 F2P mmo/ 3d realistic graphics/ character costumization - char appearance

  • AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Member Posts: 361

    I would suggest Perfect World, but you played it already. And all F2P MMO's I know about, besides Allods. That's probably why there's no suggestions.

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