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Current player count

so whats the current player count?


Whats the upper limit during peak times?


  • BenjBBenjB StarQuest Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 11


    the total player count is hard to estimate, as with recent futures added there is no way to see online players other than those in your faction. As for the Alliance though, I know that several players have been returned to fleet and we also got some new players as well. 

    During peak times the starfleet is now able to have about 20 players or more online, which is enough for about three ships. Recent fleet actions have shown that and it was a quite funny and interesting experience. With the new additions that have been added by CTS and with that what is still to come, there should be more players coming in as well. Also the new cooperation with NeXeon as their publisher should improve general player experience as well. To mention just one example: Sever stability has been greatly increased and also lag and other issues have been pretty much resolved.  

    The game is available as free download and coming with a 30 day trial... so if you are more interested in it, why not go and just check it out? Nothing really to loose and recent improvement and changes are worth a try in my opinion. 

  • Originally posted by BenjB

    ...Nothing really to loose...

    nothing to loose but your mind!  Hows it going Ben still stuck in SQO?  Glad to see its still alive, however suprised I may be.

  • BenjBBenjB StarQuest Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 11


    yeah.. actually having quite some fun with the recent changes and additions. Though I have no more toons in fleet. I gathered a small group of people with which is fun to play and started my own independent faction. This way we do not have to deal with all the crap Alliance does and can instead play our own game... 

    How is it going for you though? Haven't seen you around in ages... 

  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts Member UncommonPosts: 1,555

    Player count is NOWHERE near 20 at ANY given time anymore. They drove off a good amount of players recently with their GREED.

    "I am not in a server with Gankers...THEY ARE IN A SERVER WITH ME!!!"

  • Astra-mastaAstra-masta Member Posts: 5

    um...what greed drove players out of the game???



    ^ The link that began it all...

    ^ The link to end it all xD

  • OmgiwashereOmgiwashere Member Posts: 1

    The only thing they drove off were the exploiters, cheaters, and whiners. Legion, all you did was whine on the forums because you lost, and whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh my god, grow up for crap sakes. Instead of whining, take it like a man and actually learn from the experinces. You are one to speak calling the other faction exploiters, when you constantly faction hop, taking the factions ship with you, griefing players, cheating, using known exploits, and basically stating "oh it's ok". I hope you end up permantly banned from the game, because your nothing but a griefer and a burden. If your going to stop playing the game, shut the hell up and move on. 


  • MorrokMorrok Member Posts: 130

    Player count is NOWHERE near 20 at ANY given time anymore. They drove off a good amount of players recently with their GREED.
    The players you claim have been driven off are quitting out of their own free will,
    simply because they cannot accept that the world (nor the game) revolves around them exclusively.

    And your "greed" line is more than inappropriate give than the player who's dontated the most was in that very faction that got suspended.

    If you'd be commenting on actual shortcomings of the game and such, you MIGHT find agreement and perhaps even sympathy.
    But since you are only trolling to spread rumors and false infos/lies, do EVERYONE a favor and finally just GET LOST.

  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

    Players you will actually see in the first day:  0  to 1

    Players online in the game's main faction:  0 to 5

    Total players online at any point during a day: 5 to 20


    These numbers are based on my varied experiences over different times and days in July 2010.  I was a new player trainer in this game for over 4 months.   Space is huge, and spreading so few people over hundreds of light years can make it a very lonely place.  Unfortunately, everyone wants to be their own captain, so don't expect to see a large player crew on any single ship.  (Most crews are now made of computer players which respond to commands if you out-rank them)


    Global chat was patched into the game a few months ago.  (Yes, it took them years to put a chat window into the game)  Left click the grey arrows on the middle left of the screen, type a message out, and press SHIFT+ENTER to send your message to global chat instead of your character's local surroundings.  The game will feel a little less like a single player game if you do this sooner rather than later, as most of the old playerbase will pounce on any new player and welcome them with open arms.

  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

    The training ship which new players start in is unmanned as far as my latest excursions showed.  I will certainly update this if some brave souls start crewing the training ship again, but as it stands, one should expect to be alone (and possibly trapped) on the training ship for days.


    This is a serious blow, as crewing the training ship with experienced players is very important.  Unfortunately, it's also a very draining job, as there is a lot of ground to cover with a new player before they generally have a clue.  (A truly trained cadet can take 5-20 real-life hours, and a well rounded Ensign can take 30-50 hours of player-to-player training. )

    The game isn't dead, but it will certainly feel much emptier now to newcomers.

  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

    The training ship has been remanned.

    Oct 11 2010 update:  The training ship is currently the only active ship in Starfleet with 2 or 3 semi-active players and 1 active player in its crew.   (Starfleet is the main faction)

  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

    While there are about 20 die-hard dedicated players now, word from the player trainers is that 1 to 3 new people are showing up per week.  It's just a question of how many decide to stick around.

    The game gets more interesting with the more active players playing, so even doubling the number of players can make a huge difference in play experience.

  • sm8900sm8900 Member Posts: 5

    the problem is that any new players probably get discouraged very quickly, unless they reach out in the forums for help, and also go to the game wiki for information on the most basic game controls.

  • yevoc42yevoc42 Member Posts: 34

    Did you find and read the game manual?  It's much more complete than it used to be.  You can find it on a top link on the game's main site:

    Also be sure to start as a STARFLEET CADET to get the in-game tutorial (which isn't nearly as complete as the manual), otherwise you will be plunked on a planet and have absolutely no idea how to do anything and will log out in 3 minutes.

  • sm8900sm8900 Member Posts: 5

    well, yes, I did all that. but the average newcomer would never have gotten that far. i would never have found fleet hq if didn't know enough to ask in the forums.

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