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ashbeeashbee Member Posts: 2

As a player, I feel constantly cheated by nDoor's Wonderking game

They recently implemented an autobanning system which comes out with false positives (meaning banning of legitiment non-hacking players)

Huge tears in the wonderking community since that patch



Game play is fun for the first 30 levels, lots fo quests and content (you can get to level 30 in a day) and there are lots of events

After you hit level 30 you get a job change which is really easy to do, and they give you a skill reset if you made any mistakes in your skill tree which is great



Then it gets really REALLY BAD

After reaching level 60+ you will find that there is 1 - 2 quests per level now, and they only give you say 10% exp. 90% of the rest of the level is grinding.

So you grinding to level 80 which is the next job change, using the same 4 - 6 spells over and over again. Then you finally start doing your 2nd job change quest.

This quest is absolutely ruthless for Knights (not sure about other classes). I spent 8 hours grinding for the quest items and that gave me 1 level (im lvl 81 at this point). Then theres another part, and i spend another 10 hours grinding level 95 mobs (yes I do like no damage to them) for this 0.1% drop rate item (as if im not already sick of grinding from level 60 - 80, just let me job change :@ )

So I finally job change, and you know what... THERES NO SKILL RESET, and they DO NOT TELL YOU, and I FUCKED my skill tree up thinking there would be. So you pretty much HAVE to buy GCOINS or do their surveys for GCOINS to buy the skill reset. At this point id just suggest you DL hacks like the 80% of the Wonderking population does. - otherwise your getting no where.

There are other ways of resetting your skills using Wonder Stones, which costs about 400k zed and I must say its pretty hard to make zed even when you exploit "haechi". With these stones its like a slot machine, you have a chance of getting these skill resets, but let me tell you, I have spent about 40m on these stones and have only ever GOTTEN TRASH - once again I felt cheated and ripped off


On a side note; in repsonse to that guy saying level 30 - 66 in one day, hes clearing using hacks, otherwise you will probably average about 5 - 10 levels a day from 30+



  1. If your here for a short term entertainment (1 day) this game is for you!

  2. They ban innocent players


  4. 80% of the population are hacking

  5. Get ready to feel cheated and scammed :)


  • Gun45GunGun45Gun Member Posts: 6

    80% of population were hacking???? WOw That is a strong statement!!! It makes sense now why you're here condemning the game... O.O

    Pffft! And there goes my bullet!

  • FoolsgoldFoolsgold Member Posts: 17

    Is WonderKing easier to level then Maplestory?

  • jacgerjacger Member Posts: 8

    yup i guess so. many players of maplestory is staying that

  • adreairoadreairo Member Posts: 9

    i guess that is in their system to limit the hackers

  • TitiMinyTitiMiny Member Posts: 10

    I haven't played for months, but the last time i played there was around an hacker average per maps i trained in...

    I remember coming across a mage class using hacks, and the guy even greeted me. lol.

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