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Resources for Gametime.

AzurealAzureal Member UncommonPosts: 235

I read in another thread someone mentioning selling resources for game time. As an avid crafter/resource collector Ive always got a surplus of stock, and if there was a way I could use that against gametime, sweet. Im running two accounts per month. Offsetting even one account by simply playing the game the way I already do makes fine sense to me.


Is this frowned against by Turbine? Im guessing it probably is, so if its illegal (in a ToS sense) then nevermind. If not, feel free to reply with any info you can spare.

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  • Toquio3Toquio3 Member Posts: 1,074

    Sounds a bit like PLEX to me. Game time is being paid for, and no new items or currency are being magically introduced in the system. dont see why it would be frowned upon. certainly not by turbine, they would be getting paid.

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