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FeldronFeldron oshkosh, WIMember UncommonPosts: 337

Ok just so you guys know this game doesnt have fair or balanced game play

The game allows users to login other players accounts to a in game feature. The devs allow players to have a user on 24 hours a day.

attacking yeilds more reasources then fields alone they quickly attack other and run attacks 24/7 giving them massive reasource production

building running 24 hours vs a normal players 1-2 builds at a time

24 hours or army training using reasoucres far out matching a normal player giving them unmatched troop strength

The main statagy of the game is attack all players around you to steal their resources and kill and forces they have this mean they never can build an army and can barely build any thing else while the larger attacking force numbers in the thousands vs a small players builds of like 20-100 a day the large force can kill that many without loses

even using the cash shop you can never over come the players who legitly mutli log

basically if you want to see an example of how or why multiple users on a single account is unfair you will find this game a good example

The games winners all do this with the companies permission the groups that do this also typically use the cash shop too so they can beat others using doing this

it ends up where the normal player unable to play versus them


morally this game goes againist the rules of fair play all other games use



  • AleeacerixAleeacerix Vancouver, BCMember UncommonPosts: 12

    Yup, Travian is a game where only more than 1 people in one account always survive. It is impossible for 1 person who is on one account to be in the top 500. It is Travian Games tactics to do this so the game can be popular. So if you want to play and enjoy Travian, get a friend to play with you. Other Browser RTS games do this kind of thing too.

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  • TazlorTazlor NYC, NYMember Posts: 864

    my bro played for ages.  NEVER START PLAYING ON AN EXISTING SERVER, always always always start on a new server unless you enjoy getting farmed.....or save yourself the time and skip this game.

  • AleeacerixAleeacerix Vancouver, BCMember UncommonPosts: 12

    That is almost true, but I did survive in a server I start late(My first Travian server, I started two months after it restarted), I was in a good area, got attacked a few times, but no one catted me. To survive in the early stage of the server, you must join an alliance that isn't losing resources, tell anyone in the alliance that allows you to store troops in his village and that is not a farm, build defensive troops before the attacks come or when there are no attacks, sent them to the village of the person that allows you to store troops in his village and keep building defensive troops until you got over 100. Then send them to your village and they will crush the raiders. But you can do this only if you got another person in your account. This will not help you against cataputs or full attacks!

    If you add a RTS game in an MMORPG site, we are going to delete it!

  • JatinSEOJatinSEO DelhiMember Posts: 1

    Travian is a game of Cheating and looting real cash from players by their own startegy. Let me Explain to you:

    I am playng this game from past 4 months and joined 2 India servers as well and rank below 200 in both servers.

    So, Here are some points which everybody should know:

    1.) Multi Users Accounts by a Single Player !!  I have sent dozens of screenshots to admin of travians... but actually few players got permission from admin itself to raise ingame prices which directly impact to players who really paid money for gold.

    Do you want to see screenshots and some real proofs of travian cheating? send me mail jatin.seo at gmail. 

    I got Answer from admin like this:

    "I fail to see your point here. We are doing everything in our power to do whatever we can. But we cannot do anything without adequate proofs. And a high bid in the auctions is unfortunately not against the rules.

    We are doing everything in our power. However, I can see that you have gone ahead and made an official complaint to Headquarters. :) All the best."


    Today Google Analytics have all such feature to track  IP address and each user logs but they actually supporting them to raise ingame prices.

    Conculsion: Some of Game Masters playing theirself in this game to make intersting and targeting gold players to do more transactions.

    2.) This is very time consuming game as you or your dual sitters have to login 24/7 else somebody can attack and clear your village and efforts at just one night when u sleeping. then you have no other option left to delete your account.

    3.) And you can't win and play this game without gold. This is First browser Expensive game which i hv never seen anywhere before.

    This is the game against all the rules and fair play... Many of gold players feels cheated like me. Will definitely complain about this game at some consumer complaint forums as wasted my enough time and money to fight against game masters.



  • LerxstLerxst Phx, AZMember UncommonPosts: 636

    Travian, Tribal Wars, etc. most of these games are in it for the money, not any sense of fair play.  Fair play would prohibit one account from having more than one person logging in to it.  It would also limit GM's from having accounts and what they're able to do in-game.  The only way anyone in Travinan ever gets "disciplined" is if they find a way to cheat the system out of potential gold spending.


    It's a shame too.  Games like this provide the ultimate PvP experience with open PvP, full-looting, permadeath, etc.  But they ruined it by catering to the lowest common denominator of player they could find.

  • KurdrukKurdruk LondonMember Posts: 10

    The problem with Travian isn't that it's utterly brutal. It isn't that the developers want to make money - they are a business, of course they do! The problem is that they suck people in without explaining how utterly nasty and how limited it is. If people want to play a game of " cooperate to pick on smaller guys", then that's their decision. The problem is that people are suckered in with the cute looking graphics and the "build a city" advertising, and they think they can have a fun time messing about building cities.

    The reality is that all these players, who may like the idea of building a Celtic settlement, or whatever, are just there to be beaten up by the guys who pay money for bonuses and invest huge amounts of time and share their passwords. And I guess the developers are happy if these niave players, once they've invested time into the game, then try to spend real cash to stay alive.

    If people choose to get into a game where players predate upon one another, well, that's their decision - I hate that sort of thing, but not everyone has to agree with me. The problem is that most players join the game with no idea how nasty this is going to get.

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