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Problems logging in

kaitiakikaitiaki Member UncommonPosts: 21

I just finished downloading and installing this game. even had to deal with making it work on Windows 7, and it loaded wonderfully, but then I had to log in.


It said my username and/or password was incorrect. Am I supposed to use the same username/password from the Acclaim site? That's what I did, and nothing, it says it's wrong. I've already sent Acclaim a message regarding it, but not sure how long it's gonna take for me to hear back from them (if their anything like funcom or gpotato, could be a week :P)


Has anyone else had similar issues or know how to resolve this?


EDIT - lol disregard this post - I'm a dumbass, forgot to register for this specific game on Acclaim, lol :P so, dur, it works now >.<

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