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Did Allods population drop ?



  • golightgolight Member Posts: 104

    Originally posted by Liana

    Originally posted by Hydroblunt

    Originally posted by Liana

    I have no idea about the English servers, but on the Russian side still A LOT of people playing, zones are sometimes feel too much crowded (the lvl 1 - 30 ones). During the morning and noon not many people around, since most of them are at work/school. Starting since 5pm servers are pretty much full till late in the night. So, no, can't say the population has dropped, if more it has grown, that is on the Russian servers. Hope this helped clear out some things. :)


    Is that due to the last patch becuase after version 7 patch, the russian servers almost emptied out and the russian players were on the US & EU servers.

    I have noticed less russian players on my server so maybe the RU ones are finally doing OK again.

    Well, probably. I took a break from the game in the past few months and from what I've heard a lot players left. I think it's due to the latest patches (namely; Fear of Death removal, prices lowered - and the fact that you can get maybe 85% of the content in the game for free and the rest is more luxury items, like more bag space, cool outfits etc...) that people actually were starting coming back. For me, the game is much more enjoyable now that it were a few months ago. Paladins ftw. ^_^

    Very unlikely, if anything the game is now more cash dependant on the new version you're talking about. They are still focusing on getting you to pay rather than adding meaningful content.

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  • t0yb0xt0yb0x Member Posts: 201

    Originally posted by Edli

    Originally posted by ArboriS


    Originally posted by Edli
    Of course the gameplay matters most but I really can't play such a retarded looking game in this age.


    And I'm still repeating my self.  Most not Everything.  I didn't say gameplay matters everything. I said most. Which mean graphics and animations are still a factor to be considered even if I value most the gameplay.You still don't get it?

    Ugh... Who the hell says "gameplay matters everything"? That's incorrect. The wording "gameplay matters most" would then mean that it's the most important aspect of the game. Some people.


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