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Thoughts on Trial - And possible sub, questions

RagemasterRagemaster Member UncommonPosts: 131

Okay so I recently played LOTRO and got to level 7 in the free trial. Yes i got the trial but didnt actully start playing it till i had 2 days left. Go figure, anyhow, I wanted to know if LOTRO pvp or more specifcally PVM is a part of the game that players utilize, or is it just a feature added and fell by the way side?

I am a hardcore pvper, however, my hardcore pvp is spent in Eve online. Im trying to find a secondary mmo to play when theres nothing to kill in EVE... even if its a more relaxed PVE type of game. My brother is begging me to play WOW with him, but I am really against it... just because the WOW endgame is such a gear ladder.

From what I understand LOTRO has alot better PVE than wow, and most similar themepark type online games. In my short time playing I really felt a better atmoshhere, and couldnt help but admire  lotros combat and graphics on my system. My nvidia geforce  gtx 260 with dx 10 makes WOW look like a cartoon from the 80 s in comparison

Okay for the questions -

1) How casual friendly is this game? Can i play odd ball inbetween eve and still accomplish stuff? How is the endgame ? Lots of raids? Gear ladder grinds ?

2) How is the LOTRO PVP , known as monster play. Do people actully participate in it? IS it a popular feature, or is just like meh. Is the population in MVP equal or does evil usually trump good, or good always trump evil? Is it fun???/

3) whats up with these skirmishes, if I sub to the game do i need this mirkwood thingy? Or is it high level content only.

4) how is captain in PVE and MVP, are they good at soloing? useful in groups?  my captain is only 6 but feels kind of like a paladin from wow, so far I like it..

5) what is the most populated server.


Thanks for your replies


  • DrakynnDrakynn Member Posts: 2,030

    1) it is fairly casual friendly now,especially since you can now solo all of Vol 1 epic quests.But there is more thna enough content through out that you don't have to do group quests or instances if you don't want to.Yes you miss out on good xp and rewards but hey your leveling your gonna replace an items you get form instances in the end anyway.But it's not a quick journey to max level.

    2)This is something someone else will hve to answer properly.I'm only entering my 3rd month in LotRO and am still busy geting my chosen virtues maxed on my Burg main and am now playing a Captain alt for breaks from that.From what I hear in my kin though it's like all things...some people hate it,some people love it,others don't care either way.

    3) Skirmishes are kind of like Scenarios/Battlegrounds but PvE.You select a skirmish and try to complete that maps objectives.Usually involving killing waves of enemies from the Armies of Sauron,you can do these in any sized group from solo to full Raid.You do not need to have siege of Mirkwood but I believe that limits how many Skirmishes you can do a day/week.You start getting Skirmishes at level 35 and more will be unlocked  as you level up/complete book quests  from then on.

    You also get a Soldier you cna call on only in Skirmishes,you cna train up this Soldier to your needs via tokens earned in skirmishes.Think of it as a pet you have limited control over and can only use in skirmishes.The tokens are also another path to getting gear and other tiems.

    4) Captains are great for soloing from what I've seen and wanted in groups.I gues sit is kind of like a paladin from WoW but you know...actually fun to play 8P(so far anyway lol)

    5) Brandywine in the U.S but I forget the name of the most populated EU server sorry.

  • illanadanillanadan Member Posts: 314

     I will just elaborate on the Captain a minute here.

    I have a Burg, Hunter, Minstrel, Champ and Captain all maxed. The Captain has to be my favorite class, and the one I tend to run the most with end-game. They get great buffs and debuffs. Your herald may seem kinda worthless but they aren't. When soloing they become your best friend :) When you get into more difficult group content you can keep running your herald or throw down a banner that has stronger buffs but can't move. When it comes to solo'ing they place second on my top list with minstrel being first. For fun factor they place second behind the Burg. When it does come to groups you will often fill the role of off-tank/off-healer. But they do have the ability to get in and do some serious DPS. The ability to pull agro helps out quite a bit.

    Sorry for the rambling! If you have any specific questions about the cap please feel free to ask!

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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,960

    There are quie a few people who do monster play but be mindful that at its heart it is a pve game.

    As soon as you start comparing eve pvp to lotro pvp you will be unhappy.

    There are a few keeps that people can take over and a bit of a back and forth on that. It's relegated to a special area just for this type of play.

    Still people do enjoy it and try both creep and freep pvp.

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  • gavvinggavving Member Posts: 51

    PvMP isn't a priority of the dev's.  They've said that before specifically.  But they do updates for it, and balances, fixes, etc.  There is only one zone to PVMP in, and it's not sure there will ever be another zone or instances or anything like that. 

    I wouldn't consider LoTRO to be a hard-core PVP game.  It might be interesting and fun for a while, but the depth is not there. 

    Now PvE.... and from the story aspect it's top-notch.


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