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  • mickmmickm Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 18
    Originally posted by Vulnero87

    Originally posted by mickm

    Originally posted by Vulnero87

    OP I'm sorry that this happened to you, but in the eyes of STEAM you played the game for 12 hours.  They don't know what happened to your computer, so they are going by their logs.  Not to mention you should of done the research about new UBISOFT games before hand, but people make mistakes and they suffer for them.
    It sucks you lost 50$ or whatever the price was, but I highly doubt you'll get your money back.  Even if you sue them, no good will come of it because they have a log that says you were playing them game for 12 hours.  Even if their system is flawed, the only proof you have is hearsay, which won't mean crap in court.
    You might get credit from steam, but with the your aggressive attitude, they'll treat you like a nuisance and push you away.
    Good luck to you and learn from this.


    Thanks for your opinion, actually we dont want the refund.. OP says he cna care less about his account.. He is a man of princpical.

    He is going to find out for all of us.. just how much ransom steam will use when you do a chargeback on a item your state gives you laws to get a refund wiht... Again, he care lessa bout the 12 hours of play.. its irrelevent... the story here is


    This has nothing to do with DRM, who's the problem, who's right or wrong.. Its consumer rights and a game company is about to get a law changed if lost that will prevent them from using your previous purcahses against you...

    Anyone who wants to step up and protect their accounts best start doing so.. The more games steam sells, the more they control the monopoly.. another thing we fought in this country to avoid

    And yes digital distributiion is a  monopoly. go see if you can open up a store like steam today..


    I really think your the OP and just created a account because you don't want to be held accountable for what was said originally.

    Anyways, from what you said before, he got his stuff refunded.  I wouldn't be surprised if all his stuff got locked also.  Like a poster pointed out before, it says in their agreement that they do not refund and if you break this agreement they can do whatever they want to your account.  Not to mention half of the stuff you seem to be saying is mainly opinions about consumer law.  These laws only go so far.  Especially when it's stated by the company what they will do if this problem arises. 

    If he(you) want to take to do a lawful action, by all means do so.  If steam has to change their agreement because of it, more power to him(you).

    Only reason I think that you are him is because he hasn't come out of the woodwork for a while and you seem to be speaking for him or your his friend in RL.  Either way good luck to you guys.

    edit: Forgot to mention that Steam most likely refunded a lot of people just because of the stupid DRM.  A lot of people were pissed about it and Steam realized that it had a problem.  Last time I checked, they weren't selling Silent Hunter 5.  Very strange that this game had problems when Assassins Creed 2 didn't.  Well, at least I haven't heard anything.(so far)


    Th op got banned (please explain for what, all his posts are here and unedited) I was relaying for him, why don't you read the thread before you enter your 2 cents and look stupid.

    Held accountable for what? Quit being an antiwhiner.

  • mickmmickm Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 18
    Originally posted by pencilrick

    Steam kind of sucks in that, but IT gaming software is like that in general.  They are so afraid of piracy that they do not stand behind their products when customers are dissatisfied with a purchase.  Only industry, I can think of, that does that.
    Plus, doesn't help that software is over-priced anyway, which brings on their own piracy risks (i.e., folks sometimes steal what they cannot afford, but feel they must have).
    My sympathies to the OP.


    Problem is the industry themselves and they are helping customers become pirates...

    They are fat cat lazy fat bitches of America that the other countries see, they do nothing they know nothing, they just call

    stupid shots based off what they read in Sundays paper or is compiled in statistics in front of them.

    They know nothing of gaming, or even how the internet works.

    This is what we call management, and when its morons at the top.. the Kings dont sit at the bottom if you know what i mean so guess whats there...

    Lets take UBISoft for example.. I as a software developer know how they feel, dont want noone to get anything for free. But they don't ever get it through their thick skull.. Piracy is and will always be there, you keep the little kid from using the same disk on 10 computers in  a lan party of out enjoying the content.. But nothing can be done other than that. NOTHING, I have been in gaming communities my whole life.. I see who pirates and why they do it and the Publishers would blow their minds to have the info i do in front of them

    They are kids, with not much money... They will buy the games they adore and support the company for putting out a great product, and cling to them like a dryer sheet to your pants.

    They pirate the shit they dont think is any good, and wont play for more than a few hours. I know guys that played games for 3 years. They pirated the game cuz they couldnt find it in the store. Finally they went and seen it on Steam and paid for it and supported them

    Piracy is at an all time high right now.. i agree.. its not due to certain websites <cough> <cough> its due to the extreme ammount of crap out there right now..

    Devs are pushing out this console crap to the PC and it realy fucking sucks.. and noone is paying for it.. Who has $60 for something they aint gonna play for more than 1-2 days. And not even really have fun doing it

    People are not enjoying games anymore.. they are enjoying learning the games, and as soon as they figure them out,, its bye bye

    This is because the PRODUCT SUCKS.. game developers do NOT know what fun is in a game, its a bunch of artists and people doing stupid effects that are cute, and stupid shit like that.. removing hte playabitlity and it shows


  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001
    Originally posted by Deivos

    Yeesh. I didn't have this problem when Spore: Galactic Adventures came out...
    Bought that on Steam prior to finding out I can't link my retail copy to the Steam service to get it upgraded.
    One e-mail to, and one e-mail reply later, they refunded my purchase.
    Maybe it just depends on who you catch on the other end?

    or maybe if you don't play the game for 12 hours. :p

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  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 12,917
    Is he saying your account is suspended until you get money back from a refund? Is that even really happening?

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  • lahnmirlahnmir Member LegendaryPosts: 3,446
    Scot said:
    Is he saying your account is suspended until you get money back from a refund? Is that even really happening?
    It was nine years ago, it was the stone age back then  :*

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    It is just huge resource waste....'

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