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Game changed alot; time to reset the player rating?

RdlabanRdlaban Member UncommonPosts: 396

So this game has won the most improved game award.

Many issues ppl have downranked the game for is gone. The changes are so many and so big that I would like to ask for a resett of the player ranking here at so that the player ranking better reflect the game as it is now and not when released.  


  • junzo316junzo316 Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    Has this been done before?  Maybe keep the same rank and allow people to rank again and show a new rank meter.  It is the "Most Improved Game", but yet the ranking does not reflect that.

  • zinkerzzinkerz Member UncommonPosts: 174



    Yes i agree...AOC improved dramatically and it is really fun

  • finaticdfinaticd Member Posts: 843

    I'm not sure how it has changed "a lot".  but one thing to note is there is a lot of evidence to show the population changed a lot since release so wouldn't it just be the last remaining fans following the game today.

    If the game changed a lot I'm sure the populations would go up do to that fact and revenues would go up. Logically, 1.05 was a turn for the worst in many players eyes which was seen in a decline in population. Then we had the recent PvP rant and PvE content has been lagging behind to lump it into the expansion.  IDK seems like gerrymandering to me but the current score seems to reflect that already and just like pro reviews many people reviewed it before leaving tortage when MMOs should be longevity based IMO. 

    But less a lot of cool new stuff and a good amount of content is added I doubt reviews would do anything as most players knew the reviews where high before the release exodus.

    Funcom has reviewed all of its assets relevant for
    impairment testing. This process has led to
    recognition of an impairment loss of around
    3,1 MUSD for Age of Conan due to a decrease in
    numbers of subscribers for the game. Funcom Q4 10 report. 500 mains/alts on Tyranny in past 30 days - instead of merge servers let's open a new PvP server, again!

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