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The Power of Mephisto was bound in the Cross

CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53


This time it’s not a wing, puppy bag or kitty bag but a Cross! Mephisto’s Cross is the first huge decoration ever made in atlantica the design goes well with Gothic costume. The cross was available in Faust’s Spirit Piece; you can also have a chance to obtain a “Druid item”.

Legend has it that Faust sold his soul to Mephisto for power. Mephisto bound his soul within a cross, imbuing it with dark power: a great artifact, until it was lost generations ago. Now in Atlantica, a Soul Shard has been found, and within it is sealed this powerful cross. Atlantians, it is time to take up this cross, and fight to free this soul from Mephisto's grasp.

You can have a chance to obtain also the rare cross called “Fallen Mephisto’s Cross”

What are the additional stats that this decoration gives?

Attack Power: 650-750

Vitality: +120

Defense: 500

For more info check this out this link:


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