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Help with some questions? :D


Okay so I was thinking of playing this game as either a Spear or Axe guy. Just wondering what mercenaries would help me? ^_^


  • MattMassacreMattMassacre Member Posts: 182

    Hehe I forgot to add:

    what server/realm or whatever is the best or most populated/fun?

    and uhmm..... hell what was I going to ask.... Well, If i remember it ill tell you guys. :D

  • MattMassacreMattMassacre Member Posts: 182

    OH yes i remember now. It was if how I start my little team of mercenaries would matter at all or if i could get gimped if i screw up.

  • dhrddmdhrddm Member Posts: 65

    Server is irelevant. All are prety much populated and you als don't want an alltime busy server because of lag, do you? Avoid Argos then...

    Regarding starter main... It's irelevant imo but the axeman ist best imo for starters. After you get to 50-60 you can still restart with another main to see how everyone feels like. And it's easy because you can get really fast to 50 in AO (under 1 week if you know what to do and have average time for gaming).

    Come on... Give me a break!

  • CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

    well i think most of the famous pvper are in mycenae... hmm i think? ahahhah  As for your mercenaries for your level it's ok to add 2 gunners another spear for pve on that way you can level up faster. :)

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