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This is just so awesome.

darrelforestdarrelforest Member Posts: 2

This is the game that I have searched for so long time.

This is just so awesome!!



  • fidragfidrag Member Posts: 1

    it is?


  • tejufamtejufam Member Posts: 1

    lol it is?! hahaaa... i give u few weeks...

  • toby123toby123 Member Posts: 6

    not bad that game u play more .. :P

  • AKundeAKunde Member Posts: 6

    this is the gam ive searcher for 2,

    before 4s i played Diablo2 LoD online but gotta hacked nearly weekly, was already too good ^^


    and here i think i could do much more ingame and i like roleplayinggames^^

  • Genma187Genma187 Member Posts: 5





    4 story is a very good game because the big pvp wars every day.



    u have daily the TW (teretorial war), in there u must take special teretories from the different nations.


    also theres 1 time a week a special castle war, where u can fight with ur guild to take a castle.


    i just can sy, play this game, best game i ever played =)

  • kbmopar64kbmopar64 Member CommonPosts: 4

    This is  a  great  game to play ,  i  enjoy  it  every day .  but im  also  the  best  priest  they  got !  lol

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