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Domo = Great game

 Im a full time domo player and i love it.  When im bored with one class i join another.  Its extremely fun except for the fact money doesnt drop and for lowbies, money can be hard to get.  If you play, go on sapphire and pm me (TaintedFyre) for 5k to start your game/a guild invite if you want.

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  • acidthaoacidthao Member UncommonPosts: 4

    i still log in once a awhile to check up on things(onyx), tho i don't play much. and the party sysytem domo has with subing other class skill is addicting. makes me want all other games i play to have it. makes leveling from 20-50 easy with partying.after that theres no good fast way. if they only made a dungeon for level 50-60 i would still be playing more often. DDen is slow and i'll go brain dead b4 i hit 58 or w/e it was b4 you can kill bears.


    thats why this is one of my fav-great games i like to play. other one is silkraod but j*ymax can kiss my *ss they ruined it for me.

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