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PVP Basics

CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

PVP is one of the best feature of Atlantica Online that we enjoyed most.


Stats & Equips

- Stats for your mercs and main are adjusted mainly up in PvP to create some balance.

- Stats gained from the enchantment of equipments are divided by about 1/4. So the lvl of the equip matters more than the + of it.

- Stats from mounts/wings/decorations/etc. are added but it makes a little difference because of the adjustment in stats for PvP.



- Moving is useful to prevent creating a hole in the mid line and keeping your front line up. A hole in the middle or break in the front line would allow an Archers silence to reach the back row. A break in the front line would also allow a Viking to freeze the mid row.

- Moving uses up 50 AP so use it wisely.

- Click on the character's feet to move to that spot. The formation is divided into a grid and you have to click on the box under the character, not the character, to move to the spot.

- The grid can be seen in PvE but not PvP.

- You can't move onto a spot with a dead character.


- Guarding reduces damage by a small amount and uses up 50 AP.

- You have 5 moves each turn after the initial turns. Guarding transfers that activation to another character so you can choose who you want to attack with.

- The activation will get transfered to the character with the next highest AP. A character must have at least 100 AP to receive the activation.

- A guarded character cannot receive the activation.

Skill Cooldown

- The skill cool down doesn't work like a cool down.

- Each character gains 1 skill point each turn except for the first persons turn.

- The cool down for each skill is how much of these points it uses up.

- There is a max of 4 skill points a character can have.

- For example: You have 4 skill points. You can use Scud which uses 3 skill points. You are left with 1 and gain another 1 next turn. Now you can use blessing of life since you have 2.

Random Scrolls

- When you see a scroll with a letter on it over your opponents head, it will make the merc that hit it use a random scroll. It can be hit with any type of attack to activate.

- A blue icon next to the scroll when someone uses one is how long until it is activated. Random scrolls with either start broken with pieces missing, just broken, or unbroken. It will fill up a little every turn until it is unbroken. After that it will be activated on the next turn.

- You can't cancel your own scroll.

- To cancel your opponents scroll, just attack 3 times with melee hits.

- Having ranged mercs will help with the scroll canceling which can be vital at times

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