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Android and Android Skills Screenshot Event

Duration: February 22 – March 22

Player: All players

Prize Top 1: 1380 ZPs(bound)

Top 2: 1000 ZPs(bound)

Top 3: 680 ZPs(bound)

Top 4 - 6: 300 ZPs(bound)

Top 7 - 10: 200 ZPs(bound)

Lucky Winners: 100 ZPs(bound)

The Android and Android Skills Screenshot Event will be available to everyone soon! The event schedule is February 22 to March 22, and we will send out the prize in about a week after the event.

You can upload your screenshots that are Android and Android Skills related to the event page. If you submit it successfully, we will review the pictures and show them on our page in 24 hours. All players can vote and make comments on the screenshots. We will select the winners according to votes received. The top 10 players will be rewarded with fabulous prizes. What is more, we will also select 10 lucky players randomly from all the participants. So don’t miss out this amazing opportunity to show us your cool screenshots and win something good.

We would like to see lots of players joining in this fun event and win the amazing prizes! Good luck to all of you!


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