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Versus is a newly formed Linkshell, created by a few friends who've been playing various MMORPGs / online games together for years. We are looking for qualified officers, as well as members, who fit our standards and share our ideals. We are an English speaking team, and are obviously only looking for English speaking players. All of us currently reside in West NA, primarily California.


Basic Information:

Time Zone: (GMT -8)



We want to establish a team that works as a small group of selective players who understand the key components of teamwork. In other words, people who collaborate well together. We aim to keep our team small in order to maintain this vision. There's no need for excess members who bring nothing to the table. All in all, we're competitive in nature, but we still treat this as a game, not a job.



We don't consider ourselves hardcore nor casual. We play in our free time, as much as we can, and we expect the same throughout all our members. What we don't expect is for you to let your children starve so you can make a raid. Not logging in for a day or so every now and then is fine, but not logging in for weeks at a time isn't. We are all either in college or are working, and we understand what these schedules can be like. We do expect our members to keep up with the rest of the teams discipline growth as best they can, and anyone who falls too far behind will eventually be dismissed.

We are currently looking for officers who not only fit these requirements, but excel in other areas as well, such as leadership, strategical planning etc.



For the most part, the team will run as a dictatorship. But that doesn't mean that our members have no influence over decisions. Really all it means is that the officers have the final say. Though, our members are the main contributing factors behind the reasoning of our officers decisions.


Visit our website,, to apply, thanks!


"All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved."

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