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Star Trek Online: New State of the Game Letter, Trailer



  • wandericawanderica Member UncommonPosts: 366

    Quote from Rocketeer

    "Didnt want this getting so long, but you only have seen the surface, if at all, and still you insist on claiming you know more about how complex the game is than someone so involved with it as i. Its arrogant. I could fill pages with examples of how players have to compromise and use their judgement, about how every single fitting ends up being fairly situational.

    Even the oh so overpowered full debuff science vessels can easily by killed by a single BoP uncloaking and jamming their sensors and unloading his cannons. Since your debuffs are targetet, and you cant target the guy attacking you, you die pitifully.

    A buff oriented science vessel on the other hand could survive in the same situation by using its own buffs for itself, however it would be much less usefull in other situations.


    Bottomline, the game can be hard to get, the content currently is not. You can test that by pvping, some people are worlds apart from others in pvp, because they have a good build and are able to adapt their build to different situations. And yeah im really looking forward to hard 5 mans."


    I won't quote the whole thing as it's getting pretty long.  I agree with a lot of what you have to say.  The mechanics are a bit . . . inflated I guess is the best description.  You didn't even go into weapon damage type.  Not only is there a weapon class, but some weapon classes are broken into subclasses (Dual Beams vs Single Beams for example).  THEN, each subclass has certain damage type classes to choose from.  Let's not forget about spec.  The trees are all screwed up with no organization.  This only compounds the issue as no real progression can be determined until you have a spec locked in.  Luckily, spec issues will change with respecs. 

    It's not that mechanics are hard.  It's that there are far too many variables.  With content as mindlessly easy as it is currently, it isn't that big of a deal.  PvP, as you pointed out, is the only real indication.  However, when content becomes more difficult and people start min / maxing to achieve goals, then keeping up with it all is going to be a chore for players AND devs.  It's hard enough to balance games with only a few variables.  I can't imagine the chaos that will result from this mess.

  • sadeyxsadeyx Member UncommonPosts: 1,555

    To me, the 'explorable' content,  is just the same as mobs standing by the way side ready for XP farming....  and in truth, the mission in Eve are repeated constantly as well.


    However, STO's genesis system and its repeatable content is extremly limited and does need its content doubling or trippling, as well as the content for standard missions.


    Well, this is first patch of many before I sign up, but good to see its already on its way.   Still, think I prefer one BIG expansion rather than lots of little 'updates'  but I guess they need to start making improvments fast.

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