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DC Universe Online Video QA -- Facebook video links

therain93therain93 Member UncommonPosts: 2,039

No gameplay, just q&a..nothing too revealing

Part 1:

  • In game tributes
  • Varied Weapons and skills -- bucketing groups
  • Combat style -- more action oriented
  • Feats of strength/snatching weapons/dynamics of physics
  • Npcs/populations in the game/back story
  • Game focus -- raids/teams/solo/pvp
  • PvP -- heroes can fight each other as well as villains and vice versa (outside of just dueling)


Part 2:

  • Mission Types
  • Power Modes -- offense/defense/support -> adaptability
  • item usage: not restricted from using items (buckets of items..again)
  • Confirmed powers, beside elemental...



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