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Why Runescape isnt as exciting as it was in the previous years

ZacruneZacrune Member Posts: 126
Runescape has gotten boring over these last few months,because nothing exciting is being introduced in the game.Yes,there are new updates being introduced,But nothing exciting to the point that people talk about it.I know you have your opinions,and someones probally going to get mad,But think about it whens the last time you "JUMPED UP" for Runescape?-HAS IT LOST ITS MOJO??-


  • Palo_godPalo_god Member UncommonPosts: 171

    Runescape got bad after the downgrades and has continued to get worse over time. The company's policy now is to get as much profit out of as little effort as possible. They no longer care about the gameplay as they have figured out that they have a naive playerbase that the majority of will stay with them no matter what they do.

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