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How does this stack up vs Jade Dynasty?

gekkothegreygekkothegrey Member Posts: 236

As the title says would love to hear from someone that has put time in both Dragon Oath and Jade Dynasty to ask how the stack up vs each other. I have found Jade Dynasty very good for FTP so far, but have not tried Dragon Oath.


  • omegasteelomegasteel Member Posts: 5

    Jade Dynasty has amazing graphics, PVP oriented and boring quests.  The quests are plentiful though and a built in bot system makes up for it if you're simply looking to advance.  A lot of people like this because PVP (which is solid) is played at higher levels and with masses of people.  DO is highly PVP oriented and in my opinion much more fun simply put.  

    Jade Dynasty has a low player base for the most part (nobody dispute me on this, I'm not ripping on its just apples to apples so gimme a break lets be real).  Dragon Oath has a ridiculously high base and its always filled with people.  The beauty of DO is that even with tons of ppl online at the same time the game runs like butter.  Jade Dynasty runs on lower end systems, but the lag can can be substantial.

    I've seen some comments here that DO is not very good and thats true for about 10 levels, but picks up fast and is limitless in features.  Jade Dynasty is nothing more than a solid PWE game like all the others and should never be scoffed at. 

    I would look at some youtube Gameplay and see which appeals to you.  Both games have awful customizations, but as you go along you can add things that help somewhat. 

    It comes to this, if you like content DO is rediculously better.  If you like pretty Jade Dynasty is better.  I'll be honest though, DO graphics grow on you. 

    If you try DO and don't like the camera view (and you won't) check the forums for how to alt the System file to be more versitile. 

    Both have really solid autopath systems. 

    Honestly you can't go wrong because you're asking about two pretty decent titles.  If I had to make a recommendation I would say play DO for now and then Beta Test Battle of the Immortals when it comes out.  It seems like it will combine many features of both and PWE knows how to make a great game....and incidentally make it really expensive too so bring the credit card. (again relax people, it's just an opinion, paying gets you fun stuff)

    Ive played WOW, EVE, LOTRO, COH, COV, Fiesta, PWI, Allods, Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga, Wonderking, Lost Saga, Saga, Dungeon Runners, 2029, Mabinogi, ROSE, Bounty Bay, Free Realms, Ace Online, and many many more and these two are a couple of the better ones. 

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