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i carnt believe i passed this over

I remember awhile ago trying this game out (about 2 years ago, i thinks) and i thought it was terrible. I saw the new review about the game and i thought i will give it a try again.

It blew my socks off, I don't know what changed.. me?.. the game?

The controls take abit of getting used to but they work well with the game after awhile. The graphics are not great but they work. I have not had any lag. It took about 3hrs to get to level 1 and about the same to get to level 2.

The community is fun and friendly.

I just love that you can build almost anywhere and build what you want.. lol, you have to work at it though ;)

If you love crafting and building in a sandbox world then this is for you. I will be subscribing!!



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