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SebaliSebali Member UncommonPosts: 395

anyone know anything about this?


  • ArcheminosArcheminos Member Posts: 283

    It's more entertaining than city builders, but still hands off. You watch the fights, but don't actively participate.  You can not pay a dime and still fully enjoy the game. Kind of addicting too. Worth giving a shot at least.

  • LHOOLHOO Member Posts: 103

    i kind of like this game overall 8.5/10

    considering it's browser based ill give 9/10 :D

  • l33tuo3rl33tuo3r Member Posts: 1

    i was actually kind of surprised by this one. i have played a ton of browser based mmo's but, from the ones i have played this is definitely the most entertaining. however, it is still just a 2-d browser mmo so i'm sure it'll get boring after a while.

    edit: i meant that i have NOT played a ton of them. i've probably only played 9 or 10.

  • LHOOLHOO Member Posts: 103

    /hands up

    2D or 3D has nothing to do with the gameplay

    /hands down

  • docminusdocminus Member Posts: 717

    what's this about bots in the game description?


  • AshRomaleAshRomale Member Posts: 14

    I was actually hooked to this game in December.  It's quite interesting, the skill system using percentages for how often the skill actually fires.  It's unique and really easy to pick up and play or just play while your doing other things since the battles are automated.

    That being said, I lost interest  when I reached a certain point where I wanted to group more and have more options with guilds, as I was the second in charge of a guild (unfortunately I can't remember what one now) where we had maxed our guild level and had over a million gold sitting in our guild vault with nothing to use it for.  It's been 6 months now, so I'm sure they've made updates and, hopefully, changes for the better.

    I may just have to go and check it out again.

  • AshRomaleAshRomale Member Posts: 14

    Originally posted by docminus

    what's this about bots in the game description?

    the bot system was flawed when it first came out and only seemed to be geared at getting xp, as loot drops were fewer with this option and you didn't get gold.  I used it only once.

  • DragoonariaDragoonaria Member Posts: 7

    I reckon the game is pretty good with the graphics, even if its 2d. Game play like battling is pretty bad and kinda boring, but for the other tons of features its good enough I guess. 8.5/10


  • RaidjinRaidjin Member Posts: 1

    The huge turn off for me from this game is the use of "Action Points".

    When you use up all your action points for the day, you get to buy more with real money or an in game currency called dragon stones. However, there is still a limit to how many Action Points you can acquire in a 24 hour period of time.

    For me, this equated to about 4 hours of game time, after which there is almost nothing to do.

    An MMO that doesn't WANT their players to play? That's a new one for me...

  • VerduriaVerduria Member UncommonPosts: 8

    I've had a lot of fun in this game and so far I have reached level 51 without the need to spend a dime on the game. As far as free games go this one is quite addictive and fun.

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