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Mabinogi Heroes online?

QuicksandQuicksand Member UncommonPosts: 678

I came across some amazing video of a game called "Mabinogi Heroes online" but this game is the only thing I can find anywhere, but this is not the game in the video, anyone know where to find that game at?


  • DerekHarumiDerekHarumi Member UncommonPosts: 37

    Korean website:

    Apparently that's the only website for the game at the moment. This game is expected to be released sometime this year; I'm assuming in the late Spring or Summer, since we will be getting Dragon's Nest as well. This game is pretty bloody and badass. xD

  • SquittySquitty Member Posts: 342

    Mabinogi Heroes is having a North American release under the new name, Vindictus.

    You can search around for some sites and videos with that name.  It looks freakin awesome!

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