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Saving Global Agenda



  • GamerAeonGamerAeon Member Posts: 567

    oh yay another This is WoW clone statement

    I'll be sure to pass this on directly to the guys in charge at HiRez

    I mean holy CRAP it's not even remotely anything LIKE WoW or some elvish race available game...

    I suppose you think the new games coming out are WoW clones too?

    Oh Hay Guis Dud you hearz Earthrise is gonna be a WoW Clone? It has Weapons and haz combats!

    If everything looks like WoW to you then obviously you're either Delusional or Have spent WAYYYY too much time playing WoW to have a non-biased opinion on others work.

  • jimsmith08jimsmith08 Member Posts: 1,039

    Version 1.3 (named Sandstorm) will most likely be the most important milestone in Global Agenda history. Here is what we are currently working on, please remember that everything will not make it into the final version and everything is subjected to change once more testing is done. Version 1.3 is scheduled to be deployed in April (probably towards the end of the month)

    We try to make most changes as incremental as possible as to no radically change the game play, at the same time we want to address what the community wants most.

    Character levels and specializations:

    Leveling from 30-50 will now have a lot more meaning.

    At level 30+ players will be able to choose a specialization path for the character. Each class has two specializations (that match the current Skill Trees)

    You can only choose one specialization which allows you additional skill points in the specialization tree and allows you to use new weapons/devices that are being introduced.

    If you want to specialize in both areas you will need to create and level up another character for that class.

    New weapons/Device:

    For each class specialization new weapons and devices are being introduced. We are trying for at least one weapon/device per slot type per class

    Some examples: The Laser Sniper Rifle, The Barrage Grenade Launcher, The Claw,The Perfect Rifle, The Beacon Tracker, The Impact Hammer, The Multi-Heal Gun, The Oathbreaker Boost. There are over 50 that we are currently evaluating for introduction.

    These weapons/devices will be earned in a special way using Conquest Tokens

    These weapons have a minimum player level requirement ranging from 30-50

    Store openings:

    More stores will be open.

    The Jetpack store will have two new jetpacks available that are purchased using Conquest Tokens

    A new hightech UI is being introduced although not all screens may be changed to it in time for the 1.3 release.

    Conquest and Mercenary Tokens:

    Conquest Tokens are earned by playing/winning different parts of the game with a maximum tokens that can be earned each day. (Subscribers will get them faster since they will be able to participate in more parts of the game, but everyone can earn enough over time to get the various rewards)

    Mercenary Tokens are earned by playing/winning various matches with a maximum tokens that can be earned each day. (All players earn these at the same rate)

    Rewards, Loot and Crafting:

    We plan on having full Armor drops as loot in PvE missions which are character bound when you get them (both Co-Op and Open Zones)

    We also plan on allowing Armor crafters create upgrade kits to these Armor drops to improve their stats.

    Weapon upgrades will be replaced with Upgrade Kits that allow players to improve the stat on the actual weapons (instead of overall stats)

    Weapons will also drop as loot in PvE with improved stats over current weapons (which can be then upgraded with Weapon Upgrade kits from crafters)

    Weapons and Armor can also be purchased with Conquest Tokens and Mercenary Tokens.

    Open Zone (Warzones)

    We are currently testing these zone which are large open spaces that players will join to do various missions. For the 1.3 release we plan on having open PvE zone with several different mission types as well as a PvPvE zone with several mission types and a zone win condition.

    We are currently rewriting some of the Unreal 3 server to allow more players to interact in the zone. We don't know what the final number will look like yet but we hope for a minimum of 30 players in a PvE zone and 50 in a PvP zone.

    This will be posted to give the community an idea of what we are doing, followed by a more formal marketing when enough it ready and we feel that it's solid.

  • fluffybunifluffybuni Member Posts: 29

    The above sounds awesome :)

  • alucard3000alucard3000 Member Posts: 414
    Originally posted by fluffybuni

    The above sounds awesome :)


    fluffybuni's sound more awesome


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