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IsseyIssey Member Posts: 12

Personal opinion of this game is I once enjoyed it for about 3 weeks. Got a level 43 hunter, and noticed something. This something was 3 overpowered characters. The Crusader with it's quick skilled kills, and ability to get through places. The Voyager that can shred enemies to pieces with 1 or 2 shots of a conch ray. Then finally Champions who can tank anything in the game, amass huge amounts of health, and heal faster then they get dealt damage. I felt that my character was weak, and couldn't get far on his own. When in truth he really couldn't get anywhere easily. Constantly training on weak things, eating mass amounts of cake when fighting things 4 levels higher than me. Now that's just character problems. I've made 1 character of each class to test things out too. So the 3 main things I've listed are godly, and all other classes seem to need a party to get really far in game.

As for graphics, general gameplay, and style I like it. The ships are fun to sail around in, to fight other players with, and generally explore like you're supposed too. It adds almost a second game to the main one on land. Market prices go way off course from the actual item prices. Why's that? because people kill the bosses and farm the items that are needed for quests. KSing is a problem too especially since a high lvl can run by click your mob, kill it in one shot, and just keep going.

So in short my only problem is the characters themselves, the market, and KSing.

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