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Once the goals of game are completed does game restart???

SotoSoto Member UncommonPosts: 177

Does this game finish...then it is restarted? I remember earlier versions of this game ran untill players completed the goals, and once that was accomplised the game restarted.


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  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,350

    I have only just started the game myself, but from what I have gathered so far the answer is yes. A telling completes once 7 pyramids are built, one for each of the diciplines. That is when Egypt is finished. The interesting part though is that it is in the restarting that the new tests and laws thought up by the previous "generation" are then put into play. Those who reach the highest levels of a discipline get to have an impact on how the next iteration of the world works. And I think 1 player gets elected demi-pharoah or something and also gets to choose certain things.

    Like I said I am still new myself so I am just coming across some of this stuff by bits and pieces.

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  • mobigglymobiggly Member CommonPosts: 11

    Yes, completely resets.  Which I hated.  Imagine playing WoW, and that it had enough content to take you lvl 200, and then after gettting all the way there, the second someone kills the final raid boss, everything resets and you lose every minute you put into the game.  Stupid, yeah?  That's this game.  I love all the crafting and challenges in it, and would still be playing if it didn't reset every two years.  I blame that on lazy design.  Instead of adding more and more, like say WoW again, they just hit reset.  Other than a few tests and a few revamps here and there on various things, nothing ever changes.

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