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For me

NayukimisaoNayukimisao Member Posts: 10

This is a real time, tick based, highly addictive, strategy game. One of the best I have seen so far, I might add, and definetely not a game you can just breeze through over-night. There is a forum with plenty of sub-forums, like Strategy, RPG, Newbie questions, even language oriented ones (german, dutch, bulgarian, etc.), and lots more.

Arenas are subdivided in 3 categories. Newbie, Intermediate and Veteran. The ticks range from 1hr to 3hrs, depending on arena and freedom of time the player has; so for someone really busy a 3hr-tick arena is the best choice.

There is no restriction to buy a key, but if you have learned the basics and u think you are ready for the spotlight, you can try it with a key. What a key does, it opens all techs, which you have to have in order to win the arena (without a key only low level techs are unlocked; this feature gives you the time to decide whether the arena is worth spending a key on, or not).

If you like strategy games and have the patience to learn and try new things, then this game is definetely for you. If you don t fit the above profile, just give it a shot anyway. You might find the game to your liking after all. Trust me, it will be worth it.

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