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My review

Gameplay: There are 2 different types of modes, Tournament Mode and Challenge mode. In Tournament Mode you battle against other people to earn points that add up to your rank and also gives you little amount of GM (Game Money). There are 3 different types of battles like Amped/Team Dog Fight. In here you you have somewhat little health, but you get 10 lives, and to win you and your team (if playing team) must kill 8 other players. In Amped/Team DeathMatch you have a good amount of health, but you only get 1 life. The objective in deathmatches, is you must kill everyone else (or the opposing team if playing team) before you (and your team) dies, or time runs out. And there is also a 1 on 1 deathmatch your you and one other person can test out your skills. The last to types of matches are Amped/Team Sportsmatch. I've never played much of these matches, but through what I've played, you (and maybe your team) must complete a certain task in the sport, such as soccer, CTF (Capture The Flag), basketball, and breakball. But thats all I've played in sportmatches.

Challenge Mode: In this mode you and up to 2 other players can try and beat various challenges and get rewards such as GM (Game Money) and accessories. Some challenges may need you to complete another challenge for you to unlock it. There are a few easy ones for beginners to practice before going into Tournament Mode.

Shop: In the shop you can buy styles, items, accessories, clothes, hats, and other facial features for your character. Most of this stuff costs GM (Game Money), but some of it costs B (Real Money) But if you don't like the clothes, you can either buy skins that are either pre-made or you can make one your self. If you wish to use one here steps to use if you want to use a skin. Step 1: You can search up GetAmped Skins on Google or Yahoo (which ever you prefer). If you can't find any there are some pre-made skins in the shop. Step 2: If your getting a pre-made skin in the shop skip to step . If you have downloaded a skin or have made one, go into the Special section of the shop and click on Add Special Skin (if downloaded) or Add Original Skin (if you made). You need B (Real Money) to be able to use a downloaded or original skin. Step 3: Once you have clicked on special or original skin click on browse and find the name of the skin you wish to use. After it will show a preview of the skin and if its the correct one you want. If its the correct one click ok. Step 4: Once you have bought it go edit your character and a skin tab will be there. It should be the first skin there so click on it and you have your skin applied to your character. Step 5: This step is if your buying a pre-made skin in the shop. In the shop go in the SKIN section and there should be different tabs with skins in each tab. The skins here all cost B (Real Money) except for 2 skins that cost GM (Game Money) all you have to do is buy the skin and just go edit your character and a skin tab will be there with your skin.

Graphics/Sound: The graphics are pretty good, but it doesn't have graphics like Rumble Fighter or Grand Chase. The music isn't really that good, but you can change the songs by going into the SplashFighters folder and putting your own music in.

Personal Thoughts: Even though the graphics are really bad the whole game its self is really great. I would give this a 9/10.

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