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Is it worth playing for free??

I used to play this game a few years back, but it was hard to play and level up without paying any money. I had also heard that it was pretty much completely impossible to play without paying for rebirths, and mounts and such... I would love for someone to explain this a little bit more, and another question is about the rebirths. I hear they cost money, but that they are also free at age 20, are they free or not? Anyways, someone please just explain. I would love to start playing.


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    if you can activate aa and af in your card to say 4x,and set graphic card so it replace setting (nvidia)or you deactivate the setting that say use game setting.

    yes this game is worth it very nice graphic good gameplay fairly popular everywhere around the world (maybe less in america since we get aids when its a f2p game.

  • Esther-ChanEsther-Chan Member Posts: 288

    I played this game just recently and I'm just so confused by it. I could really get into it if I had some friends that would help me out.

  • You can play free (if you have the patience to wait on the free rebirth every 3 weeks) and have a good time. The problem will come if you are the competitive  type who can't stand anyone getting ahead of you. (Of course with even the Alexina server being 2 years old now you really should get used to the idea).

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