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The Game in a Nutshell (Short Version)

asdqwertyasdqwerty Member Posts: 20

Hello Again, I finished my last thread a few days ago ("The Game in a Nutshell"). I also recently wrote a review of World of Warcraft which got criticized for being "too long" or "A wall of white text". I realized that this 9dragons post had the same problem. I am a detailed writer but on sites like this it gets the best of me. So, here goes the CliffNotes version...

9dragons is a martial arts korean style mmorpg. The first 35 levels are enjoyed by all. Plenty of quests, nice graphics mixed in with kick-butt martial arts animations makes it better than even most P2P games. It about level 35, 70% of people have to buy new computers (because most of them are on the ground outside the window). It is a grind wall, everyone knows it. However, I don't think they leave you with a hammer and chiesel in front of a mountain. Different manuals, tomes, and scrolls to increase your skill up and exp. gain rate help infinately (especially when combined with the numerous 2x, 3x, etc. exp events). One thing I personally like about the game is even at low levels, rare item drops are still very high (nothing is better at lvl 3 than killing that spider and seeing a rare spear floating in it's place). If you have read any of the other posts, you will here the term "No new content" about a million times. There is plenty of new content but unfortunately it is lvl 75+ so most people don't get to experience it. Overall it's 5/5 for 1-35, 4/5 for 35-75, 4.5/5 for 75+

I did it! That's gotta be under 200 words!!!


  • csthaocsthao Member UncommonPosts: 1,120

    Once you reach level 50 or so the grind is so intense that you just might ask yourself if you're actually gaining exp anymore. The game is fun for a little, but its probably one of the worst grinds ever considering you're looking about maybe max level is about 200 or so. I forget since its been almost 2 years since I last played the game.

  • ArglebargleArglebargle Member EpicPosts: 3,222

    Still using that awful point and clunk interface?  That was a show stopper for me.  No RP doesn't help either.  Long version of the review was pretty good, gave a solid view of the game.  Not likely to get me to play, but will help with a more informed choice.

    If you are holding out for the perfect game, the only game you play will be the waiting one.

  • nlnforevernlnforever Member Posts: 38

    Long version of preview would always more preferable. Giving out more information and details which help new players alot.

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