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Corum was fun, several years ago, upon it's release, when everything was new, no-body had anything, but now, after all the mishandling and neglect from gpotato, and corum Dev's, the game has plummeted downhill,

I would NOT recommend downloading this, because almost everyone has quit, and there is no social, at all. you won't get very far on your own either, you pretty much NEED to purchase from the CashShop in order to go further in the game, which actually has FREE stuff for those who have purchased before, BUT,

the game has many glitches now and people are ridiculous and have made the people who actually worked for their stuff quit,


Pretty much all I'm saying is, don't waste your time,

wait till corum is taken over by a new host, and is actually taken care off,

thanks for your time :)




  • harshskaterharshskater Member Posts: 61

    that doesnt surprise me, gpotato is a crummy game company with shity gm's

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