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used key and now no server?

joker007mojoker007mo Member Posts: 712

i decided to give the game a go and use the key provided from this site i did made an acct installed patched and when it loads login screen says no server found

i try to log in to the website again (it was already logged in when i registered) and password is wrong it says and some error occured when i tried to go to the forums so any ideas as to what is going on?




  • kigiinkigiin Member UncommonPosts: 3

     yo, did you activate account? check mail!

  • joker007mojoker007mo Member Posts: 712
    Originally posted by cezar96

     yo, did you activate account? check mail!


    yes actually i did it logged me in that night and after i had to refresh in the morning i was logged out and it says incorrect password plus when i start up the client instead of a log in screen says no server found and closes the client


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