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Viking Strike Guide

CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

A Viking Guide:

For a class D merc Viking is one of the indispensible melee type in the early and mid level. This merc is not as tough as a swordsman but they are a decent tank and have the ability to splash damage with their normal attacks. However, one of the keystone ability is the magical attack of Freezing Axe, Which disabled 3 mercenaries in a row of your opponent. This makes the Viking a very good choice for the party in early games. On the other hand, his magic defense is very low caused him to be an outclassed compare to other mercenaries. In early game, Viking is one of the merc that can be killed fast using magic skills. But in the early-to-mid game is good to most any build.

Base stats:


Dexterity- 110

Defense- 280

Intelligence- 140

Vitality- 310

Magic Defense- -50


Basic Attack: Strike 3 enemies in the same row on the front.

Freezing axe: Freeze the enemy for some time with the blast of ice coming from the axe. Freezing axe effect also amplifies the skill damage for it gives –mdef to the mercenaries that was casted with this skill. So it’s the best thing to cast freezing axe on the row before you make a normal attack.

Deadly Strike: This skill can describe as the desperation strike while on the verge of death. The attack puts a strain on your action power and delaying your next turn. Usually this skill used on the late game, giving much higher damage than the normal attack.


Viking Fighter (lvl 20+) - Ashen Crystal x50

Viking Warrior (lvl 50+) - Ashen Crystal x100

Bluetooth (lvl 80+) - Ashen Jewel x20

Bluetooth Hero I (lvl 100+) – Ashen Jewel x 50

-Legendary Viking Spirit Stone x1 (quest requirement for Northern Viking)

Bluetooth Hero I I (lvl 120+) – Ashen Jewel x 50

When your Viking reaches level 100 there’s another upgrade to make the Viking to Northern Viking to make it a Class C merc. You can’t have this if you don’t have a level 100 viking. To change your viking class into N.V. You will need a Viking Spirit Stone that you can get the quest from Freydis, a female Viking who once worked to with Erik and Leif. She was located near the Frozen of Adlivun.

One of the important things you wanted to know is the story of a Legendary Viking Warrior

Well… I’ll be hindering things for now to boost up your curiosity. And will post the Northern Viking quest guide on the next day


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