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The Game in a Nutshell

asdqwertyasdqwerty Member Posts: 20

9dragons... I play it right now (2/13/10) so I am up to date with the latest patches. I have a Crimson Snake 5 Wu-Tang Nuker.

For those of you looking through the forums seeing if the game is worth the download, I say give it a shot. I have a relatively slow computer and it is just a couple hours for me to download.

The immersion into the world of kung-fu in ancient China fraws you in. With very nice graphics and individually choreographed attacks it keeps you interested (not like watching a WoW character make the same motion over and over).

You pick one of six clans to join, customize your stats and enter the world. The "levels" work on a system of titles with 12 intermittent "chengs". You start as Losing self, then Gathering Chi, Opening Chi, etc. For instance, someone who is Gathering chi 6 is level 18 (He is already past all 12 levels of losing self plus 6 of gathering chi). 

Unlike most MMOs, you simply CANNOT level up completely on quests. from 1-20 you have around one per level, netting you    1-20% exp. This game almost from the beginning and increasing as you level up requires some level of grinding. There is simply no way around it.

Whenever you reach opening chi cheng 1, you officially join whichever clan you chose. You pick one of four roles.

The Warrior (High health, Average Damage, Uses Clans Main Weapon)

The Nuker (Low health but gets some magical protection, VERY high damage, Uses Bracers)

The Healer (Below Average Health, Below average damage, uses clan's secondary weapon, empowers selves and allies with powerful buffs and healing)

The Hybrid (A mix of all three)

From around level 50 on, the game deteriorates into a grindfest. It is still interesting and in my opinion fun but others think differently. It all depends on your view of grinding. However the game doesn't leave you hanging at level 50 with nothing in fornt of you but a mountain and a chisel. It regularly hosts double or triple exp. times. It offers different scrolls to increase your experience gains and powerful elixers and buffs to increase your power quite signifigantly.

9Dragons T and F (quites are generilizations, not actual quotes)

"It's not really competitive if you dont buy from the item mall"     

False- PvP is still fun for me and i have never bought a single item from the item mall. True, you can be at a disadvantage against a heavy item mall spender but it not like they buy god mode.

"The role-playing sucks"

True- I completely agree, but the kind of people who play this game are not RPers anyway

"There are no GMs"

False- I have had only one issue that have required GM assistance. I simply yelled one time and i immediately got a response. My problem was about a bugged vendor that failed to sell his items to me. He politely told me that it was a known bug and that he apologized for the inconvenience. He gave me a GM buff that was really nice. I was still mad about not getting my shiny new bracers, but as soon as I examined what had happened and realized that he did his job exactly and was extremely plite about, he even gave me a nice buff in apologies. Try getting something like that in WoW.

"All you do is GRIND"

True, but...- The entire player base of this game knows that it is far more grindy than most MMOs. We own up to that. The question lies in the fact that some people like the grind and as I said earlier they have implemented systems to assist you.

"0.01% per kill? I HAVE A LIFE!!!"

False- I don't care if you guys hate the game or not, you're acting like babies. Do you understand that people actually read these and believe you? At Crimson Snake 5 (that's level 125), I get 0.02-0.04 per kill. At level 50 you're getting 0.50-0.60% per kill. Go on double exp. and there's 1% per kill. 100 kills to lvl sounds like alot but killing in the game is so much faster, mobs are grouped together and there are flat out more of them. Stop whining.

Thank you for the time you have spent reading this, I hope it was useful. If you're going to criticize, make it constructive please.

P.S. The game is no longer ad-based as of patch 80. Thank God for no more annoying Ads!!!!!!!!


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