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What is the PvP Like?

PhelimReaghPhelimReagh Member UncommonPosts: 673

This game seems a bit interesting. I read about the random events like monsters entering towns and wreaking havoc, and that sounds like fun.


However, I'm a PvE type player and not at all a big fan of PvP, so I wanted an idea of what the PvP situation is like. Open world PvP? Full loot?


Thanks in advance. I'm trying to research but I'm finding their website a bit non-responsive.



  • CaskioCaskio Member UncommonPosts: 339

    as far as I can tell playing after a week I have seen no pvp in this game.  its more about the pve and social interaction with players.  it pretty easy to level as well.  Hit 41 in about a week.  Might be 70 within another week.

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  • jircrisjircris Member UncommonPosts: 586

    they will be addind a PVP server from what i gathered

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  • jdx1138jdx1138 Member Posts: 5

    There is no PvP in Bright Shadow, and considering that there isn't any in the original Japanese game, it's doubtful there ever will be.  Players keep asking for it in one form or another, but as of yet there's no indication PvP will ever be part of the game.

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