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WonderKing Happiness

SpiderFaeSpiderFae Member Posts: 1

Alright, so I found this new game called WonderKing. It's great and brand new. If you've ever played Maple Story this game will be very familiar. It's like what Maple Story should have been. WonderKing doesn't have a whole bunch of content yet, but they're still new.

Training and leveling up is amazingly easy and there are tons of flashy, pretty skills. Mob spawn rates are pretty decent and item drop rates are very good. The quests are pretty straight forward, there's no guessing what you need to do by having the quest giver offer some hazy information about what you're supposed to do and who you have to talk to.

My favorite character, Leyndris, is a level 20 Thief. The skill tree is very simple, and easy to understand. The gear looks nice and is pretty easy to come by. A good deal of it you can get by completing quests and the stuff you need to buy is reasonably priced. The sellback value of most of the items that I've sold back so far isn't that great, but that's made up for by not having to purchase most of your beginning gear. If you get tired of looking at standard stuff, there is a shop for cash purchased items you can wear over your standard stuff. Overall I think it's a great game with tons of potential! I play on the Kadopan server if you ever want to look me up!

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