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We The Few - Sith Guild - 18+ Recruiting - PVP/PVE

kryllenkryllen Member UncommonPosts: 27

We The Few - A Multi-Gaming Community - Is now recruiting members for our SWTOR division.


Who are We The Few?


The core of We The Few is a group of competitive MMO gamers dating back to the glory days of UO. The majority have laid waste to bad players, and equally skilled a-like, in games such as Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC), Planetside, Age of Conan (AoC), World of Raidcraft (WoW), and many other forgotten titles.


Ranging from ages 19+, we understand that real life comes first. We all have jobs, college, women, drug addictions, and many other scenarios. We are laid back, well sense of humored, thick skinned group of players who enjoy the thrill of competitive play. With our demeanor in mind when we hit the competitive field we put on game faces, expecting 110% of the each other towards a common goal of stomping the opposition.


We The Few works on a close-knit community system, instead of having some tree-like, hierarchical, chain of command system. Every person in the guild has a huge say in the affairs and direction of the guild itself. This leads to us being a tad more picky in members then most guilds but ends up being a much more rewarding experience for the members.


The bottom line: We are here to be the guild name people fear and envy at the same time.


But how can you accomplish this?


Well, that’s up to the player! We expect a lot from those we let roll with our guild tag. You could play 24 hours a day, 247 days of the year and still be a horrible player. We look for players who excel at being adaptive and quick to learn their class. If you think all a healer does is heal or a DPS class does nothing but spam 1 and 2 on the nearest target, we might not be the guild for you.


What We Expect:


* Vent + Decent Mic.

* Decent Activity

* Sense of Humor / Thicker Skin

* Use of Xfire Messaging program


What We Can Offer:


* Ventrilo Server

* Website + Forum

* Community of like minded gamers

* Competitive PvE and PvP


If this all seems your play style, then head over and put up an application! If you seem to be a good fit, we’ll get you into the action!

Proceed to the Application if you wish to be a part of We The Few!

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