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Tactics MMOs?

So I have a question being this forum is more so filled with the tactical gamers.

1. Have you played final fantasy tactics, ffta, or ffta2?

2. I hear a lot about graphics in games, if a tactical game was made, and graphics looked like FFT but was played as an MMO and looked roughly the same would you play it?

3. What if a company made an MMO with FFT style graphics, gameplay but MMO? Would you still play? (kind of the same question)

I'm just asking cause I've been playing this for a year then been playing (or replaying rather) all the FFT games and had a few good dreams about if a game that was like FFT was made but MMO lol.

Another reason I'm asking is cause it would be easy graphically wise for a small team to make a game like FFT (in these days anyway with all the new developer tools). We're trying to get an idea of it would be worth it, for fun only at first of course.

I'm thinking with so many crappy MMO's being around for so long, maybe its time the community made its own game (with people capable of course)

P.S. I didn't mean to imply AO was a crappy game, its not. But..... I am implying that someone like .... well, us, the community may have started this game, then it seems like someone money hungry took it over cause nothing much the community wants is getting released/fixed (to an extent, new mercs are + but the way they're released imo is kinda .... ew)

P.S.S. If the issue of support is in question and if people would be willingto help create this or not, Final Fantasy Hacktics have been involved with making mods and major balance adjustments already and by major I do mean major and very good work, including custom story lines spirtes jobs ability balancing etc for FFT on the PS1 and PSP, all after 11 years. (Yes, patches for FFT from ps1 lol)

If you haven't heard of them and love fftactics you may wanna check them out, although thats semi off-topic.


  • ruffkinruffkin Member Posts: 14

    Voting For

  • sBxPaladinsBxPaladin Member Posts: 4

     try dofus?

  • UnrealdjUnrealdj Member Posts: 24

    Well i didn't mean "that" late in graphics power lol.

    We can at least use UDK's engine as a starting ground and also do a LOT more polishing then that, and more of an adult theme.



  • CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

    Well, this game has a decent graphics even if it's a f2p.. what I like about this game is the pvp system.. kinda unique and you can rarely see a game like this nowadays...

  • ProfRedProfRed Member UncommonPosts: 3,493

    It isn't that tactical.  You configure your party and grind them up, but there isn't that much customization.  There are dominating builds that all the cash shop no life players flock to.  It is a pretty cool concept, but tactically it is not deep at all imo.

  • dhrddmdhrddm Member Posts: 65

    ANY build can be beaten.

    Come on... Give me a break!

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