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Not very good

7oda9017oda901 Member Posts: 3

           8 days now since the new batch and new updates i did not see any one have the new mount "blade wind" or having an artifact that needs to kill 5000 mobs while mobs are not that much in the game it may take full month to kill that much ...and about Yan tomb the mobs there are very tough although they give much experience but u can not go there alone and if in a team u will need tons of hp fast type not normal hp that needs u to rest away from mobs or u die ...about ice space its a very good place for resting and getting good exp but do not try to attack mobs there as one needs 5 players to kill it in 2 hours at least the very good thing is that mobs do not attack u there or no one could never enter not bad though ........

      I am saying all of that because i like the game its very good but next time when there is new updates i hope that it will be more affective in game play as i see updates are not that much in the game ......i would like all of u who read that to say his opinion in the new age of destiny update and in my opinion tooooooo


  • 7oda9017oda901 Member Posts: 3

    .... srry for late update  as u can see now if u r playing the game the new weapons -artifacts- r in the game -people could finish the quest- very great thy have better attack and attributes really .but what i dnt like that thy r the same in shape from lvl 42 to 82 as i see i would love them more if that thy become different every 10 lvls not the same at all what will make all players look like each other

    ....and about the blade wind mount it didnt appear in the game yet so im looking forward to see it very soon .......and too many changes happened in the tooken shop in the game that many items r very cheap now but realy ..as i can see in all games there r some items that r stupidly very expensive although thy dnt have that great importance in game play the item im talking about in DO is the bag and the box that r 12000 tooken each these items only add 5 slots in items bag more than every one can carry so u can see its very expensive with no reason ..........what i like is the costumes that u can buy now for 420 tokens instead 560 and u can have anew style not +5 slots lol

    one last word i should say that the new changes in the game r appearing very slow that u may some times not notice it .........plz i dnt want to keep playing the game for like 3 years to see its final shape only the game has many changes going on that have to be more fast

  • ChowYungFatsChowYungFats Member Posts: 2

    This game look way to much like 9Dragons with the classes and such and looks a little cartoonish aswell

  • PTvizionPTvizion Member Posts: 2

    hi im VIZION i always have been no matter wat game i played and it been a few one i thought i'd never stop playing. this new game dragon oath, the only way i can put it is pure OWNAGE. this game has sooo many elements to it and its still in open beta thats right TONS of things to do to make money to lvl up not nowhere near the normal grind of other games. 9 classes tons of skills for fighting for making money and for making u strong while fighting, there is 2 events that happen every day 5 or 6 times a day each its a team event that gives alot of xp. did i mention the pets that the pets have skills of thier own for fighting or healing u them, that give u or them hp or a mp factory. you can make and sell weapons and item, fish and and collect herbs.= did i mention its still in open beta its not even the full game and these things ive said is not even half of wat it has in it right now for u. its free2play of-coarse there is a cash shop but like i said there is soo many things u can do to make gold and with gold u can buy cash shop items.



    im on most nights name ing is vizion make an account look me up im happy to give u the guided tour.



    more later cya soon

  • hooptyhoopty Member UncommonPosts: 788

    Originally posted by ChowYungFats

    This game look way to much like 9Dragons with the classes and such and looks a little cartoonish aswell

    I played both 9 dragons and Dragon Oath..And no you cant compare the two...Dragon Oath has alot more to do to keep players entertain..Also Dragon Oath is more easy on the eyes..Dont have to squint...haha

    Some people rob you at gun point..Others will rob you at "Ball Point Pen"

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