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sorry another "sugest to me a new video card"

abyss610abyss610 Member Posts: 1,131

i'm looking for something thats as good as my old card, it died on me or something. idk got a new pc installed the old card a few hours later it crashed. ever since then it started crashing as soon as i hit a log in screen of any game.

new pc is an Asus 2.5 intel quad core, 8 gb of ram,Windows7 64bit, just installed a new PSU 750 watt.

the old card i was seeing 120 fps in Aion while flying around or fighting at times dropped to the 90s at most. the old card was a Palit nvidia 8800gt super + 1gb can't seem to find another of the same card for some reason. trying to find something as good and at a decent price just spent all that money on the computer so trying to get a good card not too expensive.

any help would be great thanks in advance.


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