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Strange things afoot at the Circle K

CmdrVimesCmdrVimes Member UncommonPosts: 19

With reference to Neo Steam EU, I have registered with the forum but have been unable to post.  Tried creating a second account with the same result.

Yes, I registered properly Btw. :P

Have sent 5 mails to their support section and have heard nothing.

I have also noticed that new posts stop at 6/2/10 and that the website is barren with no updates , news or otherwise.

Given that this version is run by Gamigo and the current fiasco with exp rates I am beginning to suspect that the EU lifespan under this company may be finite.


Has the forum been locked?


Any rumours as to the continuing existence of this game?


Might switch to the Altus (US) version if there is no IP block.

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