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This game was pretty fun for a while.

CelebiCelebi Member Posts: 53

3d graphics, lots of possible skill combinations. But once you try out all of the different characters, theres not a whole lot left to do. Very repetitive. Fight, fight, fight and very little skill involved to the fighting in PVE.

PVP fighting would be fun, if people would fight you. Check this out. You can pretty much duel someone in less then 30 seconds, just tele to a town and click match then click them. But most people are trying to keep a perfect record so they refuse to fight randomly. And will only fight you if they know they can win for sure.

So then at level 50, if you have the patients to get there, you can join a guild, and the guild system is actually very cool on this game. You get together and do dungeon raids, and you can win the ownership of the dungeons for your guild.

I haven't deleted this game, so far one of the funnest free ones out there. But, its not really a game I can spend hours training solo on cause it gets pretty boring after a while. Which can be a good thing, if you play too much video games I guess.

A couple bad things are, grinding is boring, if you do your skills wrong the grinding is even more slow, and if you mess up your skills you have 2 options, start over with a new character, or fork over $10-15 for a skill reset. Another $10-15 for a stat reset if you mess those up.

One nice thing is that once you have an account you can make up to 4 characters and delete any that you mess up on and start over.



  • vorashuvorashu Member Posts: 20

    while i agree this game is a joke it has nothing to do with its leveling speed.  the game has basically been discontinued for over a year now.  there is no GM support and no updates. 


    if you have problems leveling to 50 on this game you need some serious help and should just quit all online games right now.  1-100 takes less than 1 day.  100-120 takes another day.  the experience rate is set to 6x or 8x i cant remember what i heard.  everything is pretty much given away for free. (including a lot of cash shop items) 

  • AmaneaMisaAmaneaMisa Member Posts: 9

    Well, i havent even tried this game because the patch wont work. There is absolutely no1 there to help u fix the problem. If you look on the forums there is MILLIONS of threads bout the patching or the downloading errors and not a single gm there to solve the problem, just tells you to wait. And if you manual patch you would probably need to download 40 patches because they never update their client.

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